Friday, August 29, 2014

Catch up AT Coast and back !

In the North atop 'Sapachi' 
Well it's a bit of a catch up blog as I have been in various spots over the last while. We returned from our trip to North to finish off the last of the main seasons courses which where all AT orientated and based in the Ethi or Olpejeta with a wide mix of bike trips climbing and canyoning. We finished up feeling pretty tired and all aimed for the coast for a quick break before we start again in September. 
Toby our intern and I headed down to Nairobi for the night experiencing the best curry in months in the Westlands area and caught a quick flight early in the morning from Wilson to Mombassa to put us beech side mid morning. 

Early morning in Nairobi heading for the beech 
The Diani coastline is a superb one but its suffering now as the tourists are not coming at the moment which is sad to see. When I first came to this area three years ago it was busy even the last time I was here in April there where people but this time you could really see the effect on the area. It also greatly exposes the unacceptable German approach to ‘dating with an age difference’ which seems very prevalent here with them as it would not be accepted in Europe, either that or they are just really humorous great guys who younger women find really attractive. That said there where some people around so its not all gone but the time to tell will be when the tourists haven't booked anything for the season as this time some will have had things booked and not want to loose their cash so next season will be the tell tale but the signs are not good. We had a mix of things a nice boat trip before Toby headed off. 

Aboard the boat heading for a sail and snorkel with Toby Siv and Maya 
I visited the Shimoni area again with Dipesh and friends for some snorkling, diving and swimming in the most stunning little inlet sandwiched between lush islands coral outcrops and a stunning sandy bay. This is all on a Dhow touring around the islands and reefs before ending up on Wasini island for a fish meal. Nice fresh crabs to start, they where always a mystery to me as to how you where meant to eat them. I would often be the one smashing into bits all over the people around me and wondering what you where supposed to eat but I am getting the hang of it now, Some nice fish snapper I think, cooked whole and delivered to you complete with eyes which Dipesh seemed to enjoy popping out and eating, a nice coconut sauce and rice finishes it off. 

Aboard the Dhow heading to the Wasini islands from Shimoni 
From there I headed back to Nanyuki taking a flight this time from the Ukunda air strip behind Diani. I am not keen on flying at all as many will know as I arrived at the ‘terminal’ a quick glance up and down the run way I quickly gauged that big planes don’t come and go from here which did fill me with a high degree of nervous anticipation. It wasn't as small as the ones lying around the sides of the runway in differing states of repair. It was using propellers and not jets as I expect planes to do but it was forty seater it was a little bumpy on the way up and down but not bad. Kenyan airways on these smaller flights still provides you with a sandwich drinks and biscuits free Easy Jet could take note as it costs more than the flight to have a sandwich with them. When I arrived in Nairobi there was a high level of security and I was unable to gain access to the main gate and meet Musa who was driving North as the President was coming so a quick sighting of Uhru and I was off to Nanyuki. 

Toby proving the British mountaineer doesn't always fit into the coast seamlessly 
Back North and all seems well, plenty of rain has passed through and in some places you can see the build up on aspects of Mount Kenya where the snow is creating a pack, patches albeit. A few days in hand to catch up and get ready for kick off on the first of September. Its looking like we could have a little rain over the next while although when the sun is out its still hot but not quite the same as the coast. 

Below is a quick film of the ‘Ubiquitous Go Pro shot’ on every piece of footage you take with a go pro it has someone peering into  it looking to see if the red light is flashing and that is its filming. Have a look below.  

The Ubiquitous Go Pro shot ! from Dan Goodwin on Vimeo.