Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Busy times in Kenya

The local residents at the crag 
Well its been a busy period of late with plenty of adventure training and other types of courses running from fun to instructional, informative to safari’s. Our main summer season although actually its the dead of winter here is easing off now. We have had some great groups coming through on adventure training courses we have just had a team in who have been on a hectic schedule packing it in and getting the most of the area. They where split into two half climbed the mountain with a hundred percent hitting the summit and the other half where on actives. With them we had some inductions around camp on the bikes and climbing wall before they left with a 60kms ride across Laikipia to our Forest Camp by the Nagare Ndare forest. We had a good two days with a climbing and canyon session cycling between everything. Cycling is a great way to see the country and also feel a bit more at street level rather than speeding by in a cloud of dust peering out the windows of a tour bus. Once we where finished we of course had the cycle of 60kms back to camp in the Ol Pejeta camp to meet the happy mountain team. A great bunch who also attended a school in the UK which I worked on their Scottish winter weeks with Abacus, great to see that the outdoors stuff carries on even if it makes me feel a little old seeing ex students getting older! 

Biking between venues makes for some nice biking in the forest 
Prior to that their was a trip into the canyon with the Spanish embassy and a UK family based here in Nanyuki. Our Canyon can suit many groups from those who want a big jump to those looking for a less exciting dip in the water. 
There have been various other trips coming and going we have had a team from the US on a more Safari based trip climbing Mount Longonot near Lake Naivasha. Our Canadian trip finished and returned home having had a good three weeks with us. 
I have also been on MIAS mountain bike leader course with some other members of staff which all went extremely well. Nice to be on a course for a change. 
Toby our intern over the last three months will be heading home soon and he has been a great help over this busy period, so if anyone is looking for an instructor over the next while then look out for Toby Leckie as he will be appearing on the UK market very soon, but not before we head North for a wall which is rumoured to have some climbing on it although the image below looks intimidating! The scale of this wall does not come across in the image!!!!!! 

Rock climbing at Ngare Ndare