Thursday, May 22, 2014


Wachira bringing in the cement 

Spreadsheets by the many
Its all been about preparation over the last few days as the season starts to rev up and groups begin to arrive at the weekend. Its been about getting the camps ready and courses staffed, spreadsheets by the many mapping out the plans and activities. We have also purchased a new plot in Eithi which lies near our climbing and canyon venues and should mean less driving and more cycling between the venues.
I have also recruited a new intern who should be getting ready to fly out in the next few days and should be joining us as things get busy. We shall also be be starting the mountain season with groups coming and going up on the mountain now that I have and a good reccie we can map out the best operating policies for our teams up there. I have the first AT group coming through tomorrow which should be good although we are getting some pretty heavy rains around the mountain which tends to make things very sloppy but hopefully they should dry out a bit and be good to go. It seems that although Kenya is having a hard time with tourism we have been able to hold out and the groups are coming. They are very isolated incidents and the areas to perhaps avoid are much further North of Mombasa. But here its 'Hakuna Matata'