Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Winter arrives, Northern Cairngorms

Northern Cairngorms from the Fiachail Ridge 

A few steps on the ridge 

The winter seems to have arrived in the Highlands now. Over the last few days quite a bit of snow has fallen making things look pretty good. Great for snowed up rock and ridges although Dad and I who where out today noticed that all was not frozen where turf was. Nice though we headed to the crest of fiachail ridge for a stretch which offers various scrambly ground and pitches up to II. A walk round the tops showed a white scene although not large amounts of snow on the the top but a good start perhaps, always a slight shame that the snow arrives before a period of frosts as it means it sits on unfrozen ground which ultimately means its like a blanket protecting it from freezing, much better in the long run to get a good freeze then snow, although to be honest I have given up wishing for certain climatic scenarios in Scotland and just head for where looks appropriate on the day.
Looking at the weather things should remain cold for a while which should produce more snow in the hills. There was even a flutter on the streets of Fort William yesterday.