Sunday, October 20, 2013

High Mountain Guides, Biking, and more films to come !

Myself and Rob Jarvis shooting for High Mountain Guides in Chamonix, French Alps.
Well after quite a while of being indoors editing and preparing the footage for the High Mountain Guides promo 'Alpine Guiding' mini film its now all done and live. Well received and also very enjoyable to make the hours spent editing are certainly outweighed by shooting film in thee greatest Alpine climbing destination in the world however square the eyes end up later on. Have a look below at the finished film. Feel free to like and share on the various social media connections you may have.
The Autumnal weather has been blowing in through the Western Isles which indicates the winter is coming and the first snows have been coming and going on the tops already. Victoria and I where out this weekend getting muddy with the bikes. We had a ride from Grieban (Isle of Mull) through to Salen Aros which should be a snappy ride but due to knee deep bogs took a little longer than expected. Good fun was had though !
I am also working on a film for the Roses Project who run Tavool house and sponsor many young people to come through Tavool house on the Isle of Mull which will be shown at the Doug Scott lecture in Oban next weekend 26th, once done I shall post it up here.
Its been a busy few weeks with groups coming and going and just enough time to turn around for the next and final one coming this week. From there it will be to the mainland for a while to look after Calluna while Alan and Sue take their Autumnal holiday, hopefully the Ozzie taxi's are more spacious than last year for them, see below !
Cairo, Egypt Victoria, Sue, Danny and me in the back of a very small cab going for dinner by the Nile for Danny and
me and Alan presumably in the front giving directions having just cycled the length of the country. !