Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kora Development Athlete

A yak who looks warm !  
I am one of the development athletes who are now involved with Kora a company who are producing 100% yak wool base layers. Through Kora's direct relationships with herders in the high Himalaya they have been able to produce a warmer layer that wicks away moisture and importantly is 100% natural this process has taken a lot of hard work and testing but it is now coming to fruition. It also has a great ethos which is being involved with those who are providing the wool rather than just taking advantage and ripping off the local farmers and herders. So I am looking forward to getting some on and trying it out as the Scottish summer will start to wain soon and thermals will be a must on the hill !
For more details on the history and making of Kora just hit the logo to the left and have a look around their website.