Sunday, July 21, 2013

Heatwave in the Hebrides

Victoria heading round to Ardlanish Bay on the Isle of Mull 

Victoria taking flight en route round the coastline 

Tricky sections on clean rock, some interesting pitches could be had round here !! 

underwater in the pools in the Tavool gorge perfect place in a heatwave underwater ! 

Ardlanish Bay with white sands and turquoise seas looks like Caribbean waters but feels like the Arctic (at first) !  

Round the coast from Fionphort near the Isle of Iona 
Sound of Iona with the Abbey visible on Iona 

Uiskin bay 
Roasting in the Isles and most of the country by the sounds of things. Victoria and I where out over the weekend sticking to water based solutions to the heat with a good coasteer on Saturday starting at Uiskin bay where we often take groups but I was keen to look further round than normal and continued through to Ardlanish bay which heads through some nice ground near to Ardlanish. After some lunch it was a a quick trip into the Sound of Iona at Fionphort and out to the right which takes in the pink granite and bright green water over the white sand. Sunday was a trip down the gorge sticking for quite a while in the deep pools which felt pretty warm. The main pools for jumping are very low and for the first time I hit the bottom. Looks like the weather should stay warm into next week with perhaps with a thundery evening midweek.
Apologies for the blobs and blurs in the pictures but although the camera is weather proof and bash proof I cant find a way to clear the screen of water which delvelops across the lens when in the water, if anyone has any tips on this then please feel free to comment or email !