Monday, July 1, 2013

Erraid, Mink Walls area

Looking back to the Mink Wall areas and Astroid Chasm 

Eva climbing out of the 'Tube' 

Great rock 

Eva pleased to have just escaped wet feet below with a quick incoming tide 

Shags on the lower rocks 
I headed out with Eva today for a climb on Erraid as it seemed like it was to be the driest day of the week. We headed round to the Mink Walls area where we climbed a couple of lines Toad Hole Severe 4a, Red VS 4c and Caroline VS 4c. After that I wanted to have a look further round where there are a selection of great crags bouldering walls and various things to do. We almost ended up with wet feet just making it out of one of the smaller zawns as the waves lapped Evas feet. There where other people climbing on the Pink Walls and also round on the main tier which is the first time I have been there while others have been.