Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Seil Island Coasteer

Me pointing to a way through the swell to Terra Firma : Photo Andy Spink 
I was out with a group of young carers from Oban today with Andy. We headed to Seil Island not far from Oban to a new Coasteering area for me which overlooks Easdale Island. An area where I had my first introduction to the Western Isles working at Ardroy OEC when soon after starting we had a staff sea kayak trip which took us up through the area via landmarks such as the Corrivrekan Straits and the Grey Dogs camping on islands as we went, I also remember having a rowdy birthday with friends and family possibly 21st or 2nd on Easdale but have not been back there since. It was nice to be back but the weather has cracked a little and we had some wind and showers and a significant swell running.
I was working for Hebridean Pursuits