Sunday, April 7, 2013

Into the icy blue !

Climbing out from the Ocean 
Happy in the chilly Ocean 

I was out with a Norwegian group today and it was off with the crampons on with a wetsuit for a coasteer off the Ross of Mull at Uiskin. It was fine for those from Norway further North they have anti freeze for blood. I think for all it was cold but they where keen and made a good trip round before the we headed for the dry and warm. Although a cloudy start to the day it was as ever bright and sunny by lunch here. Sounds like there have been snow showers elsewhere but none here although there was a biting cold wind and the water temperature was less than my last dip in the sea which was the Indian ocean in Kenya and it felt a long way from the temps experienced today !
Group where happy though and continue there tour of the Highlands.
Today I was working for Hebridean Pursuits

Caostering with the Norwegians from Dan Goodwin on Vimeo.