Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bats and Kenya !

New guest at the house ! 
I have been back on the Isle this week catching up with various jobs which have included drying kit, resting and some maintenance around the house. Also the highly bumpy track has been repaired making it more like a Swiss motorway than the track to the end of the world. Also clearing out the attic in the main house which turned up the chap pictured, if anyone knows what type it is I would be interested to know, he has remained in place for the time being as he just seems to moonlight and hang around so no harm done. Having had a chance to sit down with the video footage from the Autumn I have nearly completed the Egypt film which should be ready for a view over the weekend and I shall post it here when its up. I have a few clips here from Kenya but seem to have lost a large amount of the footage from their which is a shame.
Weather is a little less sunshine at the moment with some pretty heavy rain setting in although it looks like it should give way to some better weather soon !

Kenya's Rift Valley from Dan Goodwin on Vimeo.