Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Glen Coe : SUN !!!!

Along the ridge to the summit of Meal Bhuide, Glen Coe 

Getting to grips with short pitches, belaying and having some fun along the way

Some winter thrutching 
We headed out in search of some easy climbing ground to put the ropework we had been covering into place and headed down into Glen Coe. We used various ribs on Meal Bhuide. It was a cold dry and bright day at last, some wind although compared to the last few days it was no issue at all.
We walked up from the bottom heading round to the ribs and outcrops round the back. They where shown the last couple of anchor's that I had planned to teach. I then split the group into two teams, we have had Tom who has been shodowing the course and was able to play a good part in creating two teams and then we where off with the guys swinging pitches up through the grade 1/2 ground making anchors and bringing the other up and making choices about whether to use a snow anchor or spike until we gathered the ropes in and headed for the top.
There where some large areas of very unstable snow in gully tops and in various scoops.Cover was good although coming down past the skiers it sounded a little icy.
Today I was working for Alan Kimber, West Coast Mountain Guides