Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cairngorms : Twin Ribs quick spin !

Northern Corries today 

Dad coming up on the Twin Ribs 

Goodwin senior ! 
I had a quick run into the Corries this morning with Dad who is up on his way to the Eagles dinner meet in Glen Coe. For the weekend though the Eagles may not be looking at blue skies and fresh powder. Things are looking a little unsettled as we head into the weekend.
We headed for a quick scramble round on the Twin ribs. Andy Nisbit was also there with a group teaching various things. The conditions where nice good and frozen but calm weather with a few flakes falling but little wind. There where quite a few groups heading into the Corrie although I couldn't see many folks on routes. The wind and snowfall after the last few days will have created many unstable areas. Certainly the easy gullies and Goat track would be risky areas to head for at the moment although it should be settling a little. Reading in the paper today there was the tragic events in Glen Coe but at the also a string of people being in slides such as on route to Cairn Toul and also in Locain both in the Northern Cairngorms.
Today I was working for Goodwin & Sons !