Saturday, December 15, 2012

Wet : Fisherman Video

Well its been a mix of weather since over the last week since getting back to Mull. Various jobs back at the house including the successful re building of the bike which was just a frame due to the small box it came back in. Ben More looked good and white until a couple of days ago, but since it snowed I have been mainly lying on the floor due to damaging my back lifting pots of paint in the shed, great you can cycle in Africa without incident and then DIY puts you flat out. It seems to have gone mild again today and the snow line will have chased back up Ben More although the mountains on the mainland sound to be in full winter swing at the moment and so as soon as the back clears up I shall have a look for myself.
I have finshed off putting the clips and footage together from my fishing trip in Kenya and they seem to have come out well. Certainly some improvements could be made but that is all technology such as a mic and also not leaving the tri pod on the bus. Have a look below and see what you think though. 

The Fisherman from Dan Goodwin on Vimeo.