Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Christmas and perhaps a white New Year

Langdale Campsite !! 
I am off on the Christmas run, first off to the Lakes for a family Christmas and to meet my new nephew for the first time which should be good. Hopefully a jaunt in the fells and perhaps some snow. Then a trip north for some New Year snow and hopefully I shall get out the crampons for the first time this season. It has been wild weather of late and hopefully it will have been putting some snow down. I have not really been keeping an eye on things that closely but looking forward to getting out in the New Year.
Here is an image which Dad spotted while leaving the lakes which made me chuckle.
Also a few clips from the Felucca ride that Alan, Dan and myself took at the southern end of Egypt once we had got down there. It took us up towards the dam giving some nice swimming and also sights into Aswan and the surrounding desert. Keep your eyes out on here for the full cycle trip video.