Friday, November 23, 2012

Kenya : Admin done and heading west

'I had a farm in Africa under the Ngong hills' Karen Blixens home in Nairobi, 'Out of Africa' Ngong Hills to left of house
Eddie a young Giraffe 

Well we are all set after a couple of days in Nairobi stocking up on supplies and planning the next move. Its been very pleasant in Nairobi, although it has a rough reputation its felt very safe during the day. You would certainly be able to get yourself into serious trouble by not heeding the general advice. We had a quick outing one morning to the Giraffe sanctuary which you can just drop in and see what they are doing to protect these animals. Also the Karen Blixen museum (the Danish lady in ‘out of Africa’). I say museum although its actually her house where she lived for many years in Kenya.
We have been tossing and turning over the route from here south and have come to a conclusion that as we flew over two countries we should somehow try to make up for that. We are instead of heading straight south going to deviate a little. We are heading out in the morning aiming to track through Kenya until we reach Lake Victoria where we can then head around the lake via Uganda and Rwanda before hitting Tanzania south of the lake. Tomorrow we head out towards Lake Naivasha which looks like it should be on good roads and the city should soon melt away. The driving that  I have noticed here seems to be fine for a bike and certainly compared with the madness of Egypt it should seem quite relaxing.
The net may well be hard to reach until we get towards the lake although I seem to have made the assumption that the net is hard to get hold of here when so far its been easier to get than at home. 

Feeding Eddie, a Giraffe tongue is 47cm long