Saturday, November 17, 2012

Egypt : Arrival in Cairo

Arrival in the morning in the Cairo 'Ramesis' station, viewed through the window which was there when we began.

Alan in the Nile in the evening light
Well we have all made it back to Cairo via the night train from Aswan. All went well and we are now just fiddling the bikes into the boxes. It was a long train journey but with a comfortable bed and some food provided. The trains are certainly a little old and also quite fragile by the time we reached Cairo two windows where smashed on our carriage. Apparently just kids playing. Health and safety towards these things has not quite reached Egypt yet. In fact a good example of this would perhaps be that while we where waiting for the train to arrive I thought it a good chance to get some video of Egyptian trains. I wanted to capture one approaching by placing the video camera up between the tracks so the train may pass over it giving a more dramatic image. I jumped down onto the tracks and got it in place and then as I could hear trains kept jumping down to get it in the right position. Once I saw the light of the train I could still not tell which track it was coming in on by this point I had attracted the attentions of the staff and police who came over to me and rather than telling me off directed me to the correct track for the now on coming train. And so the picture was shot and worked out well the authorities then all watched as the train passed through as keen as me to see what condition the camera would be in after, fine and we all huddled round the screen to watch the results(note: Not the camera I borrowed from you Dad). This would cause panic in the UK although perhaps wisely so, getting the right shot sometimes means thinking out the box!
We shall be here and away on Monday ready to get peddling again and am looking forward to it. This evening Sue and Victoria Kimber are arriving for their holiday so it should be a nice evening tomorrow when we head out for a fair well meal.