Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Country living !

Heading back from the Burg in the Argo cat which really can go anywhere ! 
A new vehicle to learn how to drive today ! Various tasks today including striking up on the Burg in this to collect another one as the Stalkers where out. Once down though it was a different task of gathering the herd  and separating the calves from the mothers. Seemed a risky business gathering a large herd and placing them in a confined space to weed out the mothers so only the calf's where left. With all the calf's separated and taken away in trailers I now have a huge number of braying cows outside my gate obviously looking for some sort of explanation as to why this happened. The morning after resembled the 'Cravendale Milk' advert with cows surrounding the cottage all silently staring at me as I went from room to room, unnerving. Take anyone's young and I suppose they make alot of noise. I have though out of tact decided to have chicken tonight !