Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nevis double

Group from the Sheffield medical community on top of Ben Nevis, the camera was in focus but the Ben was not!
A Ben Nevis double this weekend I was out taking a couple of groups up the Ben in weather that felt a little more autumnal. First up I was out with Scott and a team from the Sheffield area who where looking to get to the top to raise money for a children's hospital. They did well plugging up in some unpleasant weather although the forecast was better than expected but even so it was very wet and windy by the end. The Ben race was also going which gave something to watch as we headed down. Sunday was with Spike and Jamie and we headed to the top with a group from Yorkshire looking to raise some funds for the Human Relief charity who would be affected by the Syrian fighting. Many in the group has relations and family in the country which gave them a determination to overcome the weather.
I was working for Alan and Sue Kimber, Westcoast Mountain Guides