Sunday, June 10, 2012

Alt Teanga Brideig, Canyon

The red route on the left is the better of the two the blue offering not much but  a 'midgey slip fest'

One of the two short swims ! 

The tiny hole to abseil through, no boyancy aid will fit through only slim athletes need apply ! 

The tiny hole to abseil down is behind the wedged block ! 

For the first time in a long time it was raining this morning which scuppered  my bouldering plans so instead I headed out for a couple of hours of investigative canyoning. Having driven past what looked to be one many times I thought it would be worth a look. The Alt Teanga Brideig Canyon lies above the A84 (Mull) aboove the Teanga Brideig. At first I thought perhaps I was onto a winner. A twenty-metre abseil into the canyon presented another abseil through a very small hole and down the back of a waterfall. From here although narrow and steep sided giving the impression it could be good not much happens after the start. The right hand branch offered no interest and had hardly any water in it and other than a couple of slippery steps was uneventful! Better luck next time!