Monday, May 28, 2012

Ratho : Chesney Trust

Local girls just outside the project
I was at Ratho today for a meeting with Stephanie, John and Janet Chesney of the Chesney Trust. Emma also came up from the lakes so we where able to get together meet one another and exchange some ideas for the ride. Great to get some advice on what works best and where to be looking to help the fundraising effort.
Also very good to hear that some of the problems Malawi and also the school where facing have eased. When I was in Malawi last year that was a terrible fuel shortage and some protesting which cost lives but they have a new president Joyce who sounds to be getting to grips with things. The School is making good progress and so we shall do our best to help aid that over the coming months. We should peddle through the area which will make that experience all the more rewarding, I shall be looking forward to colapsing in a heap at the bottom of the hill up to the school where there is a Fanta venda !!
The sun remains and I shall be heading back North to the wild where it will hopefully stay a few days although there may be a change coming !
Due to a hike in prices and trying to save some money I have changed the website but have not quite finished it so stay tuned to see the new site soon !