Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ben Nevis in the heat

Looking towards Tower Ridge and onto Ledge Route 

Happy ladies on the top ! 

Seems a little over the top, the guy behind had no kit
but a can of Tennants ! 
A very sunny day in the Highlands and some very red people on the Ben. I was out with 4 ladies from the Aberdeen area who where keen to get the Ben knocked off. We had an early start heading up and down the mountain track.
It was a very busy day with all sorts making there way up and down, a team of around 20 Japanese all in perfect single file heads down, the guy to the left who was looking like he should be on Everest he was closly followed by a man with his shirt off drinking a can of Tennants and a guy with a household boiler on his back!!!
The sun is fast stripping the remaining snow away, there was some around the Macleans Steep and then around the summit area but looking down the North Side there a some large swathes still hanging on in the shade.
Today I was working for Alan Kimber