Friday, March 2, 2012

Great Glen Way, Cycle training

Loaded bike entering Inverness 
Either my training is going very well and I am doing 80kph on the flat or the computer is faulty ! 
With things looking mild for the time being I decided that perhaps some training was in order for the summers cycle. With the gear in from Ortlieb I packed the panniers and did the Great Glen Way. Its an 80 mile trip from Fort William to Inverness on mostly mountain bike terrain which in some places was quite tricky with a laden bike. I stopped just beyond Fort Augustas having taken camping gear. I was keen to see what the energy out put was like so loaded it up with as much stuff as I shall take on the main trip and other than being a bit unsteady off road it was not to bad. It poured it down on day one but the sun was out for day 2. I took about 8 hours in total so it would make for a one day trip quite easily.