Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter skills, 3, Creag Megaidh

Creag Megaidh with Easy Gully and the Post Face ice is there but not ready to climb

Heading towards the window

We headed out again under blue skies, seems to be a very good week of weather so far, looks like some more snow towards the end of the week as things become more unsettled. We chose Creag Megaidh to where there was a good deal more snow to go out than the Northern Corries. once into the Corrie and under the cliffs there is a good deal of snow some ice is forming although not climbable as yet. Teams where out on The Sash and Easy Gully and a few out walking. There is good snow through the window. We where able to get a few more things practiced with some good examples of windslab where small pockets where forming. We put the arrests to the test a bit more here with some longer slides before making the long trudge back out.
Its down to the group to decide where we head tomorrow as they are making the plans over a drink or two this evening.