Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wet and wild workshop day

Locating a buried victim using a transceiver and probe 

Hmm not the greatest conditions at the ski area 

Transceiver park 

Micheal, Kai and I where out again today on a very wet and windy day. Temperatures had shot up and rain was falling along with very strong wind. Unfortunately they haven't been blessed with the weather for their ski touring course this week so we have had to look at the skills associated with ski mountaineering. Today we looked at avalanche search and rescue techniques using the transceivers and probes. We started off using the transceiver practice park at Glenmore Lodge which is a brilliant facility and  really served well in getting to grips with searches on either single or multiple burials. From there a quick trip on the hill to get some practice on the snow with me burying them and Micheal and Kai quickly locating them. We headed back down out the wind and rain into the woods to have a look at some crevasse rescue ropework. We ended the day in the Active cafe using another Lodge rescource which was the online avalanche quiz (link here)
Looks like it should be a bit cooler in the coming days and perhaps some nicer weather to.