Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bath Uni Mountaineering Club / Skills and Climbing

Rocky scrambling to get used to crampons 

Steep snow to get used to crampons !

The Corrie late afternoon 

Happy to be out the flatlands and in the hills 

Busy in the Northern Cairngorms this morning, I arrived from Killin where I made a dash to visit the Eagles diner meet making it off the hill up here to make it in time for diner there. A good evening and hopefully the same venue. More more info on the longest standing ski mountaineering club in the UK click here. A good way to meet good skiers and its a very active club in the Alps and beyond.
I was out with a team from Bath Uni on a winter skills course, they also wanted two to head off for some climbing skills which Nick Carter came to do. Nick headed to the Fiachail Buttress and we the Corrie floor. After a few things where covered we headed round to 1141 and down into the Cas in order to get a few last things covered.
It started out pretty warm and damp with a few strong gusts but as the day went on it cleared giving a nice finish to the day although windy.
Plenty of people out climbing on all routes, there is still a lack of snow in the easy gullys but the rock looks white. Not to great at the ski area with the runs looking pretty thin.